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His most basic information is in his profile, and if you have any questions please ask! He can''t summon a keyblade, yet, anyone is more than welcome to help him figure that one out since both FF7 and KH have people who can do that, but he's otherwise still Sora, just raised in different circumstances!

As a player, I'm pretty much good for letting whatever happen to my characters. As long as it's within their boundaries and limits anyway ♥
"Hello? Hi! I'm not currently answering, or you skipped the calling part to the message, or I have the ringer off by accident. In any case, you reached Sora Valentine, leave a message here and I'll get back to you!"

Then there was the beep.

Old Profile:

Background: He's not the canon Sora. Having been first born, in a total AU story of FF7 with KH folks borrowed in, to Aeris Gainsborough and Cloud Strife, Soldier 1st class, he was then dropped into a multiverse of several combined FF7 universes when he was five, and that's where he grew up.

He still looks young, in spite of his age, because of who his parents died, and the fact that he's even alive speaks of the world itself, which rejects those of mixed Jenova, Cetra, and human blood from staying dead. Sadly, this was tested a few years prior due to events far beyond his control.

His lover, Maruset, is another of those mixes, a child of Sephiroth and Aeris from another world entirely, and he leans on Sora for his mental stability. Sora, in turn, has started to do the same, so being without the man for any length of time leaves him addled, but nothing near what would happen the other way round.

He's a weaponsmith, his chosen profession, and he loves kids.

Babysitter anyone?

(if you're curious, the timeline for his world is here: Mixitverse doom)
Clothes: Gloves that come just past his wrists, socks, shoes, dark blue shorts, overpants have pockets up the sides and on the front and are rather baggy even empty, crossbelts/hip pouches, red formfiting shirt, yellow hoodie undershirt, black vest, silver armlet

Pockets/pouches: ribbons (red, yellow, green, purple, silver, orange, black, white, blue, gold), beads (painted wood), five small hairties, a silver bracelet.

2 xylaphone hammers, bells, finger chimes, a triangle stick, a flute.

Cell phone

Note Charm

Holding bracelet: